Repeating Fancy Dresses: A Fashion Faux-Pas?

Repeating Fancy Dresses: A Fashion Faux-Pas?

Who says she'll only wear fancy dresses once? 

Me! I am so guilty of this for myself and my daughter! Typically, we buy a fancy dress for a holiday, wedding, or special occasion and never wear it again.  When I was looking for the perfect Easter dress for my daughter, I was browsing through TODDS & LITTLES online children’s boutique selection of girl’s rompers and dresses, when I found the most PERFECT Easter dress.  

This past Easter was my daughter’s first Easter, so it was a big deal.  Even though their prices are super affordable, I still had this thought of, “I’m going to buy her this dress and she’s only going to wear it once.”  You guys, I was wrong! I have found multiple ways for my daughter to wear this dress before she grows out of it and I seriously think I will cry when it no longer fits her.  This will definitely be one of her outfits I save. 

Here she is wearing it for her Easter pictures next to a baby lamb!  My favorite part has got to be the ribbed material that the top and sleeves are made out of! The flower and leaf applique are absolutely perfect and just enough. I hate when it’s so over the top that it looks like a ball gown. The pink and mauve that they chose for the flowers mix perfectly with the green.  The tulle skirt definitely dresses it up and gives it a whimsical feel.  Whenever I put this dress on my daughter, I think of a little, garden fairy.  So obviously this dress was the perfect Easter dress, but I’m sure you’re wondering how else I’ve used this dress.

Almost all little girls love tea parties, so I thought why not have Oakley’s first tea party at 8 months old? It might sound a little crazy, but I had a good reason. THE ROYAL WEDDING!  I’ve always been a huge Prince Harry fan, I mean he’s kind of got that bad boy vibe going for him.  Anyway, the morning of the Royal Wedding, I talked to my friend from the UK and she told me her family was going to have a garden party and watch the wedding on the TV.  Clearly, I was bummed that we couldn’t join in the wedding festivities and garden party, so I thought, why not have a tea party of our own.  I already had the perfect dress!  So here is Oakley on a Saturday morning wearing this dress at her first tea party! 

Okay, one more time that Oakley’s worn this dress even though I’m sure there will be many more to come. I need to put her in it as many times as I can before she outgrows it!  My friend invited us over to her farm and I knew Oakley was going to get a chance to ride her pony, Cinderella.  She’s not for sale, I already asked.  With the unicorn hype and garden fairy themes, I couldn’t pass up another opportunity to put her in my favorite dress.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to get a unicorn horn for Cinderella, but this is what every little girl’s dreams are made of.

I sized up in this dress and rolled the sleeves once, so I could get more use out of it. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it fits her on her first birthday.  In fact, this would make the most perfect 1st birthday dress paired with a little flower crown!  Stay tuned! 

If I could give you one piece of advice, buy the fancy dress! Even if you think your daughter will never wear it again, you can find plenty of opportunities without needing to attend a special occasion. A tea party is always a good idea!  Just make sure it’s a dress you really love, so you’ll want to keep putting it on her.  

TODDS & LITTLES has a great selection of baby and toddler clothes. Go check out their girl’s rompers and dresses! You won’t be disappointed by this online children’s boutique.

Courtney Witt 
Courtney is a blogger over at and a mom to Oakley! They live on a farm but they don't let that affect their fashion choices. One of Courtney's favorite things is picking out Oakley's outfit every morning.


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